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Aug. 2nd, 2009

Over Here!

Long time lurker here, I'm not sure why I've only ever watched...!
I usually just come to snaffle bunnies, then go away and make my own things :D

Here is a random selection of my creations:

From left to right: Ianto Jones (knitted/felt doll), a cardboard K-9 and above is canvas one of my best friends made for me for Christmas despicting The Doctor and I!

Torchwood phonetags :D although all credit goes to redscharlach.livejournal.com/ for the design of the characters!

This is my friend and I starring in our work Christmas play, at the high school I worked at, but this is merely to show my attempt and a Doctor Who-esque scarf. Although, he was ACTUALLY playing The Doctor in the play!

This was my birthday this year, and all my friends agreed (or were forced to!) dress up as characters from Doctor Who, and I think they did pretty well!

Feb. 13th, 2009


So, the last couple of days have been pretty busy but rather swish.


Wednesday evening was "The Rotary Club of Preston's Public Speaking Competition" - or, "Youth Speaks". Simon and I took two teams of three to go and compete, and Ryan joined us for the event. One team was talking about the media being wrongly blamed for female body image paranoia and the other about the benefits of capital punishment. It was all very interesting, but a little tedious after all six teams had spoken throughout the evening with no stops. We didn't win, to say the least, we didn't come in the top three. But it was a good experience for all of us, and the buffet wasn't too bad either! Plus, random appearance of Dave's dad!

Yesterday was generally a manic Thursday, work til four (but I got a lift home with Ryan, which actually made me later but less damp!), Brownies and then Called to Serve. I found Called to Serve very interesting because it suddenly made me realise that while God hasn't given me an obvious DIRECTION, he has been nudging me onto a rather helpful path with work/uni.

Today has been rather good. Work was really nice, nothing too taxing. At the beginning of lunch everybody was in Room 1 chatting, minus Tracey who appeared a second after, then Simon appeared out the stockroom and handed me a Tesco bag saying "Happy Birthday from all us, I wrapped it myself (!)" When Tracey arrived I opened the bag up, and in it (or so I thought) were a box of Malteasers and a card. I really lovely card that makes me both giggle and want to cry 'cos they're all so lovely - definitely a keeps for taking to Uni :) Amused most by Ryan's "SHEASBO!", Tracey's doodle of a sheep, 'Grimey's' sending of "love and vimto" and Simon saying thank you, again! :D

Lunchtime was pretty neat, Simon was actually downstairs, Martin was there - then the usual Tracey and me, and Naomi (who is in for the 'experience' of hanging around in school 'cos she wants to do secondary teaching) had a good chat. Ryan appeared at one point too. We were mostly amused by everybody's hair stories, all stemming from Martin's previous profession!

Pop isn't very well, he still keeps being sick. Mum and Dad went over today, but I feel really useless and I totally can't handle any of that....

finish later, Ali is here x

Feb. 10th, 2009


I've felt somewhat absent from the world today, I'm not entirely sure why.
I think it all started with walking out the door this morning, getting to the main road I cross every morning - with the iPod in my ears blasting out the new Franz album - then I almost get run over by a car that is driving across a red light. This near death experience, according to the drivers horn and slamming on the breaks, is obviously my fault because the little green man hadn't actually appeared on the pelican crossing yet. DESPITE the fact that she'd gone across a red light, hardly my problem! Although, it obviously would have been if I'd become rat jam stuck to the tarmac.

The day progressed in a general manner, spending nearly every lesson I was in studying Macbeth for some odd reason! Including writing the final diary entry of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth - somewhat a "blog" in Shakey style - , coursework with bored year elevens and acting the part of the dead 'uns at in a supernatural world - Macbeth, Lady M, Banquo and Duncan. It felt like there was a slight concentration on death today, obviously everybody is feeling the drag and needs a holiday before we all got the way of Lady M! Today's activites also included: stapling things to the wall, and on several occasions nearly to myself and doing some things on the computer.  Oh and attempting my best to create a calm learning environment as Simon, my head of department, is somewhat stressed over the departmental development plan and just usually gets wound up by set five year eleven. Who are a bunch of shits.

Then, stayed around at work for a bit helping Tracey to staple orange paper to the wall, then we had a chat and Ryan joined us. Which was nice and confusing all at the same time. I cannot figure out the dynamic between Ryan and I at all, it bothers me.

Then, home. Finished knitting/sewing together the monster I was making, and added some slightly mental facial features - because I can! I'm going to try and knit a baby adipose as my next experiment.


The rest of the evening, after searching for and finding my part of the CRB form which work need - probably because they have lost their half - I went to the supermarket with Dad and Ali to buy delicious foods and drinks for the Doctor Who Birthday Do. Also, found River Song's screwdriver in Asda, awesome! Came home and up until now I've been constructing the rest of my wings in readiness to be painted tomorrow, when I return from the Rotary Club's Speaking Competition.


Good news though, Dad went to a meeting today about the church development and we've got a smaller estimate AND a contractor.

I'm actually going to consider clearing the clean clothes off my bed now and reading some more of my book. "The Glass Books of the Dreameaters" is fairly engaging, but at 700 + pages it is a bit of a handful. I'm not sure I have the motivation at the moment to complete it, but then again half term next week so I shall promise it some faithful attention for a while.

Anyhows, blathering.


Feb. 9th, 2009


2009 sort of jumped out of nowhere, I still haven't got used to writing it as part of the date.
I was about to say I was dragged kicking and screaming into '09 but that would be the antithesis of the truth. Fact is, I've never welcomed a change in year so much. 2008 was...an experience. Definitely not one that I wish to repeat but I have no doubt that life will, although full of wonderful happenings,  also disappoint, upset and cause as much pain as the problems '08 did. Just hopefully not in quite such quick succession as I managed during the summer.

Life at the moment is chaotic, tragic, wonderful, worrying, tense, exciting.

Work is no less than brilliant. I adore the people I work with, they're a set of the most wonderful, interesting and witty people I've ever met. Caring too. We have a ball, sat there with our mugs of coffee. But I love TAing in lessons too, whatever year, especially when drama is involved. Spending that much time in English has also given me my love for the subject back even more. Poetry and Shakespeare. We've had a really good six months, we wrote/directed/performed a Christmas play based around Doctor Who and we went on a trip to London to see Hamlet.

Absolutely hand on heart true, it's the only thing that makes me want to get up in the mornings.

It has also made me realise I really want to be an English teacher, with a degree in Philosophy so when it becomes a GCSE - which it better do - I can teach that too. So, my life is sort of being mapped out in front of me. Three years in Cardiff doing Philosophy/Religious Studies and then somehow, doing my PGCE. Somewhere.

Home is...okay. There are so many worries with the family that it is hard to relax. I still miss my Gran. I mean, I know that it isn't going to go away, life goes on and therefore I must live in a way she would approve of but...it still feels like a big hole in me. Then there's Mum, who just finds life really difficult. Not to mention Pop (my grandad, Mum's dad etc), who is coping with losing my Gran and is anaemic, so he can't start his next lot of chemo yet. Although, now he's battling with the idea - and so are we - that maybe it would be better for him to not have it, so his quality of life for the last few...months will be significantly more enjoyable. The chemo makes him sick.  And then, to top that, my Grandpa had tests last week so he can go into hospital soon to have a triple-heart bypass. Oh deary.

So both my parentals are stressed, upset, tired. And stuff with Dad's work isn't much helping, with contracts falling through and estimates being over what was expected for the new church development.

Therefore, we just have to plod on through the madness and try to cling to a little of normality.

I hardly see my friends anymore. We keep in touch off and on, but I find it difficult to find the time...and the motivation. Meg and Ali are probably the most constant, with Dave touching base every few days. The occasional conversation with Bex, Adam, RCG, Neela. All of whom still mean a lot to me, just....:|
Meg and I went on an adventure on Saturday and caught the bus to a rural town near my childhood home, Skipton. It was all snowy in the fields, we went shopping, wandering and had a pub lunch. It was really, really nice.
Least, next weekend will be a big reunion of sorts, being mine and Ali's birthday. We're having a "Doctor Who Birthday Do", which should be an absolute ball but is taking a fair amount of work with cardboard to construct my costume.

I actually feel calmer now.
Funny how something sets off the need to write.
One of my colleagues(?), friends(?) from work - I never know entirely what to refer to them as - is a Media Studies teacher as well as English, as part of the homework to his year 11 class they have to keep a blog. Reading his 'example' made me laugh, and it got me thinking that I want to record things again, like I use to write a diary all the time. I wish I could write them on paper but I find my mind wandering first. In many ways the internet blog is a curse as it means that there is no "written record" as such, but maybe one day archaeologists of the far flung future will be able to decipher primitive computers and rescue my ramblings.

Nov. 27th, 2008

Write a one-minute thank you note to someone.

To the English Department and Mr B.

Thank you for making this year so bearable.

I know you all think I'm wonderful because I run around doing your shit, but I'm okay with that. I like it. It's worth it because I get to spend time with you guys, drink coffee, have a laugh and be myself.
I adore having time with people who don't know about my personal life, aren't involved but who I know would care if I needed them too.

I find it odd, because I'm by far the baby at work - by seven and a bit years, it makes somewhat of a difference. But you all look after me beautifully, and without you lot it would be an unbearable gap year. Instead, you've saved me from wondering why I bother to get up any morning. You stick up for me as much as you can when 'the man' is giving me a hard time because of the state of disorganisation.

Thank you, not that I don't try and say it to you every now and again.

Nov. 17th, 2008

Write about something interesting that happened this weekend.

This weekend I went to see Guillemots with my friend RCG, which was the best gig I have ever attended.
There was no staging, so we were literally stood by the band, and over Fyfe when he was playing the keyboard.
We were the only ones dancing to the music, which was just touching and intimate.
Then, afterwards, we went backstage (or round the back of the library, as the gig was in a library), and met Fyfe Dangerfield.
And he was just, a complete love.
Pretty interesting, if I do say so mesself!

Nov. 15th, 2008

What past clothing trend do you think should never come back in style?

I think that shoulder pads should never ever come back in style.
Can't say I'm a fan of corsets and bustles either, we're a good shape, why go changing it and making yourself uncomfortable.

Nov. 13th, 2008

What modern technology would you have trouble living without?

I don't think there is anything that would totally ruin my life to be without.
I'm pretty partial to my music, but I'm not too bothered about having my ipod or CDs or whatever, I'd be quite happy with a record player.
I also like having my DVD boxsets of Doctor Who/Torchwood on demand, but I'd live without that too.
I couldn't do without books, that's for sure.

May. 30th, 2008

Ninja Pirate and exercise.

If you could go back and fix your most regrettable decision, what would it be, and what would you do differently? Or: Pirates or Ninjas?
Oh most definitely ninja pirates.
Especially if they're Keira Knightley.
[I'm going to start using these things to write fanfictions after my exams, they're good prompts.]

In other news:

I really need to get more exercise.
I just had a break from revision, kicked a football around the garden a bit and did some running.
I mean, I wouldn't say that I and running have anything in common, but it seemed like a good way to just challenge myself.
I made it round the garden twelve times before deciding that it was probably a good idea to stop and actually breathe.
Now I feel sweaty and a rather large amount of unfit.
I think it's time to do something; but probably after my exams.
I bought a bikini the other day; I'm also planning on going swimming a lot over the summer.
Swimming, walking and messing about on the park should improve my fitness.

This could go nowhere.

May. 29th, 2008


There is nothing more frustrating in the world than exams.
My mind wants to escape to alternate realities, alien worlds, enchanted castles; but it feels very stuck in this place right now.
Over analysing beautiful literature, only allowing academic thoughts on spirituality and the way we live our lives.

I crave a day to call my own, to sit on the sofa in the window of my room drinking tea and reading as many books as possible.
To be rescued by the guy for a long walk in the sunshine, to take my camera along and capture the skies.
To put on my dancing shoes and come back with blisters, bruised lips and memories to not forget.
That is what life is about, why we work so hard at these exams; so we can gain those rewards.
I want to write the story of a feisty heroine who is everything that I wish I was, and the perfect gentleman who falls for her.
I want to wake up early in the morning, to open my curtains on the rising sun and hear the birds singing their dawn chorus.
To read bitter poetry with my bitter coffee, in a cafe far from home where nobody knows me.
I want to travel on trains to far away towns and cities, watching the raindrops on the windowpane as we speed by.
I want to go for long walks in the rain and sit by an open fire to dry off, while listening to Glenn Miller on record, then we dance.
To take in beautiful celtic landscapes, with only golden eagles and red squirrels for miles.
I want to tramp along rugged coastline, taking in the salty scent of the sea and the squelching seaweed below my feet.
I want to wear pretty dresses, long coats and grow my hair out long and wavy.
To visit empty stone churches in forgotten rural villages and light a candle to remember.
I want to hoard away every postcard and letter, to read and memorise until my dying day.

Some days I feel like an anachronism; for all I love my computer, my digital music, the television.
The Doctor has it right, the timelessness, he enjoys every age and every era.

I want to escape, I want wild adventures.
Maybe with my sidekick, otherwise a bit of independence wouldn't go amiss.
I've started to walk, pretty soon I will run.

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